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Collection and Research 18: 69-79 (2005)

On Two New Records of Varunid Crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura:

Varunidae) from Southern Taiwan

Tohru Naruse, Hsi-Te Shih*, Ngan Kee Ng, and Hung-Lung Hsu


Two new records of the Varunidae, Ptychognathus altimanus (Rathbun, 1914) and Utica gracilipes White, 1847, are reported from southern Taiwan. The present study lists the diagnostic morphological features of P. altimanus and U. gracilipes, and provides a detailed comparison of the juveniles between P. altimanus and the superficially similar Varuna litterata.

Key words: Brachyura, new records, Ptychognathus altimanus, Taiwan, Utica gracilipes, Varunidae.


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