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德國月盛大電梯專場 中興大學

賴阮武平治曉PK奪冠 Certificate

On the news

德國月開天KTR專場 中興大學

阮治曉PK奪冠 Certificate

Lai Nguyen Vu Binh won the first prize of German Month Green Elevator design contest.
Jan 2022
Lai joined the lab on Nov 2021.
Nguyen Tri Hieu won the first prize of German Month Coupler design contest.
Jan 2022
Nguyen joined the lab in Nov 2021.

Dang, Quang-Khoa awarded "Graduate student travel grant" by Ministry of Science and Technology

 June 2017


Dang joined the lab in

Sep 2015.


Nguyen, Huu-Tu awarded "Graduate student travel grant" by Ministry of Science and Technology

May 2014

Tu joined the lab in Aug 2012.

South Korea

Steven is admitted to the exchange student program of Graz University of Technology, Austria.

March 2013

Steven joined the lab in Aug 2011.

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Ken awarded "Graduate student travel grant" by National Science Council

Sep 2012

Ken joined the lab in Aug 2011.

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Tam awarded "Graduate student travel grant" by National Science Council

Sep 2011

Tam is an international student from Vietnam.  His research interest is ultrasonic horn design.

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Dung-An Wang, Ph.D.
Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering
National Chung Hsing University

Specialiteis in compliant mechanism design, green energy harvester, ultrasonic welding/machining, design and fabrication of microactuator/microsensor devices and products, plasticity, fracture mechanics and computer aided engineering.

Distinguishing strengths include compiant robotics, energy harvesting technologies, ultrasonic horn design, microelectromechanical systems and computer-aided engineering (Abaqus, Ansys, LsDyna).

Real success is developing champions in life, not for your team, not for your business.

Stay passionate about research that will make an impact on people's lives.


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International visitor


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Green energy harvester

A new piezoelectric energy harvester for harnessing energy from flow induced vibration is developed.  It converts flow energy into electrical energy by piezoelectric conversion with oscillation of a piezoelectric film.  Experimental results show that an open circuit output voltage of 2.2 Vpp and an instantaneous output power of 0.2 microW are generated when the excitation pressure oscillates with an amplitude of 1.196 kPa and a frequency of about 26 Hz.

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Ultrasonic horns

A new horn for high displacement amplification is developed.  The profile of the horn is a cubic Bézier curve.  A design method of the horn using an optimization scheme and finite element analyses is developed.  The displacement amplification of the proposed horn is 71% higher than that of the traditional catenoidal horn with the same length and end surface diameters.

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Prediction of distortion in quenched steel plate

A finite element program is developed to analyze the deformation and residual stress of steel plates after quenching.  This program is useful for decrease of the deformation of the steel plates after quenching.  

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Self-assembly of micro chips

A capillary-driven self-assembly method for rectangular-shaped microchips is developed.  Rectangular microchips are assembled to their specific in-plane orientations in an air environment.  Orbital shaking or a rotating magnetic field is used to assist the assembly process on a glass substrate. 



Multistable Mechanism

Multistable mechanisms are developed.  The tristable and quadristable mechanisms have no movable joints and gains its mobility from the deflection of flexible members. These compliant mechanisms can be easily miniaturized, offering a significant advantage for application in micro actuators, micro sensors and microelectromechanical systems.


Bistable Mechanism

A novel method to switch bistable micromechanisms is developed.  Dynamic switching is exploited to switch between the bistable states.


Words of wisdom



"Real success is developing champions in life, not for your team, not for your business." Valorie Kondos Field
I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is to silence our minds from the need to be right or the need to formulate the appropriate response and truly listen when someone else is talking. And in silencing our minds, we actually hear our own fears and inadequacies, which can help us formulate our response with more clarity and empathy.   Valorie Kondos Field    TED
The anti-CEO playbook by Hamdi Ulukaya: gratitude, community, responsibility, and accountibility.
To be a 1.1/each day person. Tomorrow, you will be 1.1 * 1.1 = 1.21. the day after tomorrow, you will be 1.1^3
Don't be a 0.9/each day person. Then tomorrow you will be 0.9*0.9=0.81.
In the end, 1.1 person will go to infinity. 0.9 person will go to zero.

Anushka Naiknaware "So in conclusion, my design was successful --however, science never ends. There's always something to be done, something to be refined."


Dan Bricklin "You should take your unique backgrounds, skills and needs and build prototypes to discover and work out the key problems, and through that, change the world."


Andres Ruzo "In this age, where everything seems mapped, measured, and studied, in this age of information, I remind you all that discoveries are not just made in the black void of the unknown but in the white noise of overwhelming data.   There remains so much to explore.  We live in an incredible world.  So go out.  Be curious."


Daniel Pink:「The secret to high performance: Intrinsic motivation, Autonomy, mastery and purpose.」

Autonomy – the desire to direct our own lives.

Mastery — the urge to get better and better at something that matters.

Purpose — the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.


Brian McLaren:「Your question is better than my answer.」

Ken Robinson:「The real role of leadership in education is not and should not be command and control.  The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility.  And if you do that, people will rise to it.」

「Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness」。 Written by a nun at a class.



Miyazaki Hayao:Things obtained by mechanical operations without efforts, will prevent personal growth.


Miyazaki Hayao:It doesn't worth much to obtain things everyone can get.  What really matters can not be obtained by i-series products.



Koichiro Yoshikoshi, Japan Triumph CEO, leads the company for continuous growing and earning for the past nineteen years.  Meeting at 8:30 on Monday morning is the first thing of his company.  He uses the meeting to create the atmosphere of tenseness.  No excuse is accepted for any work problem or delay, improvement must be shown before tomorrow. (see EMBA v. 259) 


大前研一說,一個人下班後的四小時,就決定了他人生的發展、成就和命運。有人下班後總窩在沙發上看電視,有人游泳練身體,有人學習新技能。你可以明顯想像他們的未來會有多不同。 對一個公司來說,星期一早上的兩小時,很可能就決定了公司的未來。因為它預示公司的節奏,以及重點和文化。

Kenichi Ohmae: Development, achievement and fate of a person are decided during the four hours after work.  Some sit on couches to watch TV, some work out by swimming, some learn new skills.  You can imagine how different their future will be.  To a company, the two hours on Monday morning may decide the future of the company.  Because this tells the rhythm, focus and culture of the company.


Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man of success rather try to become a man of value.”

Einstein "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Kittel, Knight, Ruderman - We are honest and actually make the observations we recorded, and we publishes the results of our work in a form permitting others to duplicate the experiment or observation.


Ming-Ke Wang: Besides learning typical academic principles, be skeptical and think outside traditional stereotypes,

pay attention to marginal and abnormal phenomena.





Internatioanl visitor 



Nov 22 2020 Syed Wajahat Ali and his friends from Pakistan and Vietnam, joined by Chien-Feng Huang after lunch near Kaohsiung Musium of Art.



 March 9 2020 Nak Young Chong and Armagan Elibol from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology visit. From the left Dung-An Wang, I Ting Chi, Hoang Ngo, Nak Young Chong and Armagan Elibol at the Pulau Redang Restaurant.




Lab time out


   April 21 2022 Hieu birthday party.  
   Jan 26 2022 Hang out at Eight trigram mountain.  
  July 23 2020 Hoang birthday gathering.
  July 13 2019 Thang got a decent job in Taiwan and treated everyone hot pots.  
Oct 26 2018 Small Khoa's Birthday party (Left: Dung-An, Hoang, Small Khoa, Minh, Thung, Van, Truc, I-Ting)
Dec 19 2017 Birthday party (Left: Big Khoa, Dung-An, Van, Truong, Mai Van, Hoang, Truc, Minh)
Sep 16 2017 Hike the "Provincial council" trail (Left: Ming, Tung, Thang, Hoang, Dung-An, Big Khoa, Van, Truc)
Aug 6 2016 Dustpan Lak trip (Left: Thang, Hoang, Dung-An, Khoa, I-Ting/Chung, Tam, Ha,
Hoang, Chung's friend)
  (Left: Kuang, Dung, Dung-An, Khoa)
Lu Kang trip, Dragon boat festival. (Jun 9, 2016) (Left: Hoang, Dung, Dung-An, Khoa)
3/5/2016 Hiking trip (Left: Tang, Men, Small Khoa, Ngoc Bich, Dung, Dung-An,
Hoang, Chung and Big Khoa)

12/21/2015 Happy Birthday party (Left: Tang, Men, Small Khoa, Ngoc Bich, Dung, Dung-An,
Hoang, Chung and Big Khoa)

9/25/2015 Happy Teacher's Day cake party

11/13/2014 Great wall trail, Taichung, Taiwan



10/18-19/2014 Chungliao, Nantou

  10/2/2014 Trip to Mount Triangle. Jackey, John, Chu, Khoa and Chung.

Dung-An, John, Chu, Khoa and Chung.

  9/29/2014 Cake for Teacher's day. Jackey, Dung-An, John, Chu, Chung and Khoa.  
  International Conference on Green Technology and Sustainable Development, September 29, 2012, University of Technical Education, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam. (Huy Tuan Pham, Dung-An Wang, Ken Gi, Mark Lin, Steven Chen)  

Electromechanical Lab is the 2013 Basketball Champion of the Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering. 



家葦主廚日 2011 October 29th

大甲媽祖演唱會 2010 April 15th

左起 輝遵 牛奶 阿元 家葦 東安

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Hua Tsun, A Yuan Birthday parth 2010 May 13th

左起 牛奶 阿元 家葦 輝遵

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How a student is valued
1. How much progress/work she/he has made.

2. Does she/he show up on time?

3. How often she/he comes to the advisor's office to discuss/show her/his work.

4. Does she/he fulfill the minimum working days/hours?

Moral of the lab
“I uphold personal integrity and fairness.  I stand by honesty and honor.





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