You can directly press the bone of above picture or below bone name to see its 2D picture. The webpage doesn’t support to view 3D file directly. Please download the 3D files firstly, and use “Paint 3D” or “STL viewer” softwares to view.
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3D Files
Axial skeleton

Bone name 3D (stl) files
Cranium Dog Cat Macaque  
Cranial cavity Dog      
Mandibular-fused Dog   Macaque ostrich
Mandibular Dog Cat    
Atlas Dog Cat    
Axis Dog Cat    
C5 vertebrate Dog Cat    
T6 vertebrate Dog Cat    
L4 vertebrate Dog Cat    
Sacrum Dog Cat    
CC4 vertebrate Dog Cat    
Rib Dog      
Os penis Dog      
Thoracic limb Pelvic limb
Bone name 3D files Bone name 3D files
Sapula Dog Cat Hip Dog Cat
Humerus Dog Cat Hip bone-fused Dog  
Radius Dog Cat Pelvis Dog  
Ulnar Dog Cat Femur Dog Cat
Radius+Ulnar Dog   Tibia Dog Cat
Carpus Dog   Fibula Dog  
Metacarpus Dog   Tibia+Fibula Dog  
      Tarsus Dog  
      Metatarsus Dog